FYI & FAQ – Heat Sensitive Moxibustion

Heat Sensitive Moxibustion


  • Moxibustion is a standalone system – not just a technique within Acupuncture.
  • Moxibustion has its own therapeutic points and meridians whose locations are scientifically proven.
  • Dr Chen’s system is remarkably effective and treats conditions for which we typically think moxa would be contraindicated.
  • Heat Sensitive Moxibustion is a large and complete system.
  • You will be provided with a certificate from the Chinese government’s State Ministry of T.C.M.


  • What about the smell?

During the seminar, we will introduce a patented machine that cleans the air of moxa smoke! Virtually no smell remains in the air. These machines range in size, with the smallest not much bigger than a TDP lamp. He is bringing several of these devices for the workshop and soon they will be retailed in North America.

  • Why was moxa taught as a technique within acupuncture and not as its own system?

The answer is simply that the true scope of moxibustion was lost! In Chinese, ‘acupuncture’ (zhenjiu) is a compound word composed of acupuncture and moxibustion , so it literally translates as acu-moxa. This is no accident – as the name implies, needle therapy and moxibustion are the two pillars in what we now refer to as ‘acupuncture’.

  • How were the separate therapeutic moxa points and channels mapped?

These points and channels were mapped out over a long period of time and their locations and effects have been confirmed by infrared scans. There are many pictures of these scans.

  • Why take this course now?

Dr. Chen is a living master and this system is his life’s work. He is very busy teaching and conducting research. It is a very special occasion that he would come to North America and teach a beginner level course himself! In the future it is likely that he would only be willing to the highest levels of his system personally; the teaching of the beginner levels would be done by his students. Further, we have negotiated a great price for this seminar, and the price for students and our alumni is unheard of! We will not be able to secure this pricing for such a high calibre presenter again.

  • If this is the beginner level, how many levels are there?

Heat Sensitive Moxibustion is broken down into 3 levels with examinations. In April we will have the opportunity to complete the first level.

  • Are there opportunities to become a teacher of this system?

Yes! After successfully completing the third level one can apply to become certified as an instructor of Heat Sensitive Moxibustion.

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