Heat Sensitive Moxibustion – Landed in Toronto


SNAPTCM presented first ever professional Heat Sensitive Moxibustion in Toronto from September 29 – 30, 2018.

Dr. Dennis Lee, director of Moxacology Institute of North America introduced the revolutionary technique of Heat Sensitive Transmitting Moxibustion developed by the leading expert in moxibustion therapy in China, Dr. Chen Rixin.

As well, Dr. Lee demonstrated Dr. Chen’s patented device that eliminates smoke and odour from burning moxa (this will make it feasible to perform moxibustion in nearly all clinical settings)

Attendees became familiar with:

  • The origins of moxibustion and how to differentiate between Classic moxibustion and Heat Sensitive Transmitting moxibustion.
  • Key research evidence will be discussed to shed light on how Heat Sensitive Transmitting moxibustion was developed, its underlying theory, clinical application and techniques.
  • Treatment for several medical conditions and ways to use moxa for personal health maintenance.

Special Appreciation:

  • Dr. Gregory Cockerill
  • Live Hand Acupuncture
  • Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine