Moxapeutic F-ST400A


Commercial design, hospital-grade.

Deeper 5 stage filtration providing much longer effective operating times and comes with everything included with the previous models . Designed for more rigorous use and advanced moxapeutic techniques such as multi point and relay methods making it much better developed of the demands of clinical usage.

Package contents:

  • 2 Handles
    • J-100 for larger diameter moxa
    • J-60 for standard moxa size
  • Connector Tube 1.1m x 2
  • Wall plug and connector cable 1.5m
  • Smell free Moxa Extinguisher
  • Cleaning Scraper
  • Spare Clip
  • First stage filters x 4 (1 installed 3 in packages)
  • 14-26 db sound volume
  • 12.8 kg net weight
  • Max Daily work time – 24hrs

Price: $5999.00 – $1000.00 Deposit