Three Days with Dr. Chen Rixin in Edmonton

Dr. Chen Rixin

Rediscover Moxibustion – it is truly revolutionary!

Although Heat Sensitive Moxibustion was mentioned in most of the Chinese Ancient Medical classic books, in modern days, moxibustion is mostly applied under acupuncture system and known TCM Fundamentals. The mention in Yellow Emperor: “use fire to tonify ; use first to reduce“, clearly stated “fire can reduce heat“. The true meaning of Moxibustion is now rediscovered by Dr. Chen Rixin!

  • Moxibustion has it’s Own Points, different from Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion has it’s Own Theory, which hasn’t been taught in TCM Universities yet
  • Moxibustion has it’s Own Sensation, both local and distal
  • Moxibustion uses Heat to Reduce Heat, this treatment principle does not apply to Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
  • Moxibustion is an independent treatment method, Not complementary to Acupuncture 

Date: Nov. 23rd – 25th, 2018

Edmonton Chinatown Multi-Cultural Centre
9540 102 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 0E3

Early Bird: $998.00 CAD (Pay Reservation Fee online before Nov. 11)
Regular: $1200.00 CAD (Pay Reservation Fee online before Nov. 28)
At the door: $1500.00 CAD
Students: $800.00 CAD
Moxa Level 1 Refresher(Previously certified level 1 attendee): $350 CAD

Download PDF – Moxibustion-Rediscovered.Edmonton.2018.pdf

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Credits and Certificate
  • After completion of the course and passing the examination, the training certificate from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be issued
  • Credited hours: 24
Training Candidates
  • Practitioners of Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncturists
  • Other Health Professionals
  • Individuals who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine and good health, including patients and friends.
Course Content
Training methods

1. Participants will have the opportunity to see and perform the methods taught;

2. Students are welcome to bring Cases to consult with the experts;

3. Students are welcome to participate in the online learning program where participants can review the training content and have the opportunity to participate in relevant clinical studies in the future.

Course Content

Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Fundamentals:

1. History and development of Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Points

2. Heat Sensitive Moxibustion technology

3. Experiences with Heat Sensitive Moxibustion

4. Heat probing two-steps, three requirements, and four methods

5. Standard determining Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Points

6. Heat sensitive three essentials

7. The 16 tactics of Heat Sensitive Moxibustion’s core technologies

8. treatment options for the ten illnesses using Heat Sensitive Moxibustion

Health Conditions Covered:

(1) Allergic rhinitis

(2) Lumbar disc herniation

(3) Knee osteoarthritis

(4) Chronic diarrhea

(5) Prostatic hypertrophy

(6) Bronchial asthma

(7) Cervical spondylosis

(8) Primary dysmenorrhea

(9) Peripheral facial paralysis

(10) Non-ulcer dyspepsia